The Champagne Quizzitch

Teach yourself about champagne, the legendary French sparkling wine, with this interactive quiz. Over 1000 questions cover all aspects of champagne: the region, the grapes, the champagne quizzitchproducers, the techniques, the cuvées, the history and much more.

The Quizzitch formula is unique. Every book is a game… a game of quiz questions. Each question has a different difficulty grade. The more correct answers you have, the more difficult the questions will be.

Wrong answer? Don’t mind. You will get the same question again, so you can choose a different answer. Who reaches level 7 first?

You can play the game alone or in group. Different games are available on the website

About the author

Peter is Belgian Ambassador of Champagne 2013 and editor-in-chief of the wine magazine “Ken Wijn” of the Vlaamse Wijngilde.

How to buy The Champagne Quizzitch?

The book can be ordered here.

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